Hi there and welcome to my blog! I'm Allison, also known as Aquabel in some groups. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I've been addicted to PSP and tagging for about 4 years. I love creating tags and sets, so thought I'd create a blog to display some of my creations, as well as anything else that may tickle my fancy :) I hope you enjoy your stay!

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I have some freebies on my blog for you, FTU Cluster Frames, templates, masks and word art. Anyone is welcome to download and use. But please remember all of my items are for Personal Use only. They are not for Commercial Use, nor are they to be shared in forums or groups. Forums and Groups are welcome to use my stuff (and I'm thrilled for them to do so), but please redirect members to my blog to download the items. Tutorial writers are also welcome to use my items as well. Just please direct people to my blog to download. Thank you! And I hope you enjoy using my goodies, and have fun with them :)

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October 31, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Dees'Sign Depot and Freebie Cluster Frame

Dees'Sign Depot and PinkParadox Productions got together and made this fabulous collab called Boo-tiful Nights.  Here's a preview of the collab which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
And here's a preview of Dee's portion alone.
I had a play with Dee's portion, and made this tag using a great tube by Anna Liwanag which you can get at CDO HERE.
I also have a freebie cluster frame, the same one I used for my tag :)
There's actually 2 versions of the frame, both included in the file.
You can download HERE or HERE.
October 11, 2016

CT Tag Show Off - Dees'Sign Depot - Which Witch

Dee recently released this fabulously spooky and adorable kit called Which Witch.
I love this one, it's so cute!!
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my play I made a Timeline set, which I then made into a banner for Bag-A-Snag forum.
I made my Timeline set snaggable, with 3 different avatars.  Couldn't quite make up my mind which I liked best, so ended up with 3 :)
Feel free to snag the set, just right click and Save.

CT Tag Show Off - Dees'Sign Depot - My Parlour Bundle

A while ago Dees'Sign Depot released this beautiful kit called My Parlour.
Recently she also released some fabulous PTU Clusters and Cluster Frames to go with the kit.
You can get these all individually, or as a bundle at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my tag I used one of the fabulous cluster frames, along with a great tube by Enys Guerrero.  The tube was a bonus tube from last year.

CT Tag Show Off - Kissing Kate - Fall Friends

I so love making Autumn tags, so had a play with this great kit by Kissing Kate called Fall Friends.
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Dees'Sign Depot HERE.
For my tag I used a adorably cute tube by Kajenna which you can get at PFD HERE.
I also used some wonderful masks by Dangerously Delicious Designz HERE.

Tag Show Off - Autumn Timeline and Tag

I have a couple tags/sets to show tonight that I made.
The first is a Timeline set using a great kit by Chichi Designz called Fall Forrest, which you can get at her store HERE.
Here's the Timeline set that I made, which I also made as a banner for Bag-A-Snag forum.
I also used an adorable tube by Kajenna which you can get at PFD HERE.
The second is a tag I made with a lovely kit by Kizzed By Kelz called Pumpkin Fairy, which you can get at her store HERE.
I also used a cute tube by Kajenna which you can get at PFD HERE.

CT Tag Show Off - Chichi Designz - Keen4Halloween

Chichi Designz released this great kit last year called Keen 4 Halloween, but I never tagged it last year.  I figured it was about time I did :)
Here's a preview of the kit which you can get at Chichi Designz store HERE.
For my first play I used an adorable tube by Kajenna which you can get at PFD HERE.
For my second play I used a fabulous tube by Anna Marine which you can get at CDO HERE.

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